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 February 05, 2020- admin


African Reconciliation Cohesion (ARC) New Political Party

15 April 2020

African Reconciliation Cohesion Brings Hope And Sustenance To Community During Lockdown

15 April 2020

African Reconciliation Cohesion: Enforcing Social Distancing While Attempting to Alleviate Economic Distancing

22 April 2020

Austerville Police And Councilor Address Mysterious Burglaries in Alabama/Jonas Roads

14 Feb 2021

ANC Mourns Death Of Stalwart Derrick McBride

7 Feb 2020

Barney And Friends-No Child Should Be Left Out!

22 Jan 2020

Basil February: First Coloured MK Cadre To Lose His Life In The Struggle For Liberation.

22 Feb 2021

Children And The Community

17 March 2021

City’s Heritage And Recreation Facilities Re-open For Public Use

10 September 2020

City’s Mega Social Relief Programme To Benefit 110 Wards On Track And Corruption Resistant

8 May 2020

Commemorating National Police Day Jan 27, 2020

Concept Of Race Is Not Genetically Grounded

5 Jan 2021

Christmas In March For Austerville Kids

27 March 2020

Christopher Pretorius-The Best Man For The Job

05 Nov 2020

Economic Abuse, A Silent Form of Gender Based Violence

7 September 2020

Engen Memorandum handed over on 11 Dec 2020

14 Dec 2020

Engen Response To Wentworth Community Memorandum Submitted On The 11 December 2020

17 Dec 2020

Engen Turns Down Proposed Meeting concerning hair raising concerns of ongoing unresolved issues affecting the Wentworth Community

9 Feb 2021

Ethekwini Newsflash 09 November 2020 For Immediate Release Interruption Of Water Supply For South Of Durban

Fadiel Adams Laments With The Austerville Community About The Coloured/Khoisan Plight

25 Nov 2020

Farewell Archbishop Abel Gabuza

19 Jan 2021

Gender Based Violence Awareness Campaign Held At K1 Park

7 September 2020

Gratitude-The Power To Heal

5 Jan 2021

Greta Apelgren: An Activist For Human Rights

20 March 2021

Greta Apelgren Eulogises Zindzi Mandela

15 July 2020

Greta Apelgren: Grace Under Pressure

3 August 2020

Gwen’s Flower Power Theme

22 March 2021

Heritage Day: keeping The Khoisan Culture Alive In Patingo People’s Park, Austerville

01 Oct 2020

Illegal Parking Of Trucks Bound For Engen A Thorn In The Proverbial Flesh Of Merebank And Wentworth Residents

25 Feb 2021

Informal Settlements A Dilemma In Hime Street

18 March 2020

Kairos News/Community Tribute To Moira Larsen

28 March 2021

KhoiSan Provincial Traditional Council of KZN

19 August 2020

Local Unemployed Artisans Up In Arms Against Transnet’s Employment Of Indian Migrant Labour

11 Nov 2020

Local Job Seekers Up In Arms About Importation Of Migrant Labour In Construction

17 March 2020

Lockdown Enforcement In Austerville

22 April 2020

Mayor Kaunda Unveils A Billion Rand Housing Project For Lamontville

9 September 2020

Mehreen Cassimjee: A Positive Light In Our Dark

30 March 2020

Migrant Labour Benefitting In The South African Job Market While Locals Remain Unemployed

30 July 2020

Mixed Race Recruitment In The SANDF, An All Time Low

30 June 2020

Mom Recaps On The Events Of A Horrific Night.

22 Oct 2020

Money Lenders May Be The Only Resort For Desperate People

18 May 2020

Myrtle Beaunoir-Charismatic And Resilient

16 June 2020

Oil Spill On Lansdowne Road A Bane in The Lives Of Wentworth And Merebank Residents

13 March 2021

Operational Success: Recovery Of Stolen Vehicles

16 Jan 2020

People Without A Voice-The “Woodstock” Crisis

25 Feb 2020

Rashida: An Extraordinary Woman Who Embodied Love And Generosity

18 March 2020

Sasol Officially Launches Three Community Projects in Wentworth 07 October 2020

09 October 2020

SAPS Warns That Dealing In # Cannabis Is Still Illegal

25 Feb 2020

Sasol handover sanitisers to Wentworth Community

20 August 2020

Shooting Incident Outside Umbilo Road Licence Offices

16 Jan 2020

Social Relief of Distress

8 May 2020

South Durban Communities Still In The Dark About Engen’s Accountability

26 March 2021

Staff Of Merebank Clinic Go The Extra Mile

16 Dec 2020

Sustainable Food Development And Community Resilience

16 March 2021

The Impact Of Fake News And Conspiracy Theories

09 April 2020

The Khoisan Peoples; An Ostracized Minority In Their Own Country

23 Sept 2020

The Presidency Confirms A Positive Case Of Covid 19 On One Of Its Essential Staff

7 May 2020

The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance Celebrates 25 years

16 Feb 2021

The Youth Day Uprising And Its Aftermath

16 June 2020

Theresa’s Trauma Causes Rioting In Austerville

26 Feb 2020

United Construction Iron Doggs Workforce Introduces Free Training Linked To Job Opportunities

04 Nov 2020

Wentworth/ Merebank Community Surrounded By Harmful Fumes

15 March 2021

“Woman Of Inspiration 2021”-Lorraine Richards

24 March 2021

Women- Easy Targets For Nightmare Male Neighbour

28 July 2020

Woodstock’ Residents Protest Against Evictions

06 Nov 2020

World AIDs Day

01 Dec 2020

158 Austerville Drive-A Snake Haven

27 Feb 2020

48 Mercury Crescent In A Precarious Position, While Cries For Intervention Fall On Deaf Ears

15 July 2020


Sports Icons In Wentworth -THE LARSEN FAMILY

30 Dec 2020

Sports Updates

6 Feb 2020

The Power Of Collaboration-Norma Maclou and Gwen Sookool

19 Feb 2020

Women Of Woodstock Canvass For Support For the Patriotic Alliance

22 Feb 2021

木村Sa空手道 Kimura Sa karatemichi

2 March 2020


Keith (Skido) Joseph-A Marty To The Cause Of Freedom

25 May 2020

Marcel Andrews-From The Cradle to the Battlefield

09 July 2020


A High Tea For Broken Women

5 March 2020

Child Abuse: Know Your Rights

10 Dec 2019

Child Time Feeding Scheme Go The Extra Mile

19 May 2020

Child Safety Over The Festive Season

6 Dec 2019

Dr Anthony Small From Humble Beginnings to Doctorate in Theology (Dth:2017)

7 Feb 2020

Engen Community Stakeholders Forum Collaborates With The Gift Of The Givers To Distribute Food Parcels In Wentworth And Surrounding Areas

19 May 2020

Food Hamper Recipients Volunteer To Clean Up Their Environment.

29 June 2020

Joy Williams-The Gully Pastor

17 August 2020

Local Pastor Launches His Book At Durban Book Fair

3 March 2020

Market Day At The Blue Roof

05 Nov 2020

Miss November 2019, Kerry Williams

Miss December 2019, Shanice Cox

Miss January 2020, Sandra Boyce

Miss February 2020, Antoinette Samuels

Miss Valentine 2020-Kelda Smerdon

Miss March 2020, Claudette Fredrick’s

Miss April 2020-Alex Roberts

Miss May 2020, Kirsten Van Zyl

Miss June 2020-Adele Marnitz

Miss July 2020, Esmeen Usher

Miss August 2020 -Kiara Fynn

Miss September 2020-Kimberley Maroney

Miss October 2020-Sharon Gordon

Miss November 2020-Margot King- Scott

Miss December 2020, Carol Fynn

Miss January 2021-Nadia Sheneez August

Miss February 2021, Monica Brown

Miss March 2021, Daylin Carey Fynn

Miss April 2021, Miss Claudia Michelle Abrahams

Ninety Year Old Lucia-The Secret Of Longevity -Flee From A Depressive And Stressed State Of Mind

17 May 2020

Pastor Granver Essen’s Spiritual Feeding Scheme

25 June 2020

Patrick Mkhize-Chose To Heal Fractured Communities

27 July 2020

Petingo Peoples Park

17 September 2020

Pictures Of The Holy Land

13 March 2020

Prayer Against The Coronavirus

12 March 2020

Quinton Nicholas’s Harvest For The Hungry

17 June 2020

Rodney Roskruge Introduces On-Air Studies

19 May 2020

Rodney Roskruge-23rd Time Of The Writer

27 June 2020

Sponsorship-World Martial Arts Championships 2020: Devante Nero

20 March 2020

The Formidable Dorothy Maharaj

27 Jan 2020

The Rock of the Austerville Community

4 August 2020

Trevor Clarke, Action Coach Wows Business Clinic Audience.

28 Jan 2020

Understanding And Preventing House Robbery In South Africa

14 Nov 2020

Valentine’s Day -Saint Louis Style

20 Feb 2020

What Is Rape, Myths, Reporting, And Steps To Be Taken

29 Oct 2020

Woman Of The Year-Norma Mclou

12 August 2020

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Human Settlements Visits Wentworth

27 March 2020


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Kairos News Tabloid Volume 16, October 07, 2020


“The Heart-Beat Of The Father”

05 November 2020


A Sexual Education Program designed To Encourage Safer Sexual Practices.

An Interactive Examination of Risky Sexual Behavior Among The Youth

Article On Career and Achievements by Taswald Moodley. 

17 May 2020

Bibliotos Umusa Wenkosi

Difference Between An Academic Publication, A Newspaper Article And A Sermon

Domestic Violence: Preventative Measures

Evangelical Conflicts And Controversy

Gangsterism: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Policing The Police: A Major Step To Root Out Corruption

27 May 2020

Proudly African

Recapping Seventy-One Years Ago-The Zulus Attack on Indians in Durban-13 January 1949

The Significance Of Woman’s Day-August, 9

January 10, 2020-admin