Samurai Kimura Karate Do

Karate as a form of Martial Arts combines smooth, flowing, evasive movements with kicks and strikes. The emphasis is on both physical and mental power. Karate covers a broad spectrum of self-defense, and as such, has an obvious attraction for men, women, and children of all ages.

Some of the benefits that can be derived from regular practice of Karate are:

The promotion of physical fitness

Deeper mental awareness and self-control

A practical method of self-defense 


A stronger understanding of yourself and other

A strong social emphasis where many friendships are made

The KSI DBN dojos are dedicated to providing its members with elite martial arts instruction, with a strong emphasis on self-discipline and respect for others.

The KSI DBN dojos are a family based dojo, offering a range of quality services related to your personal fitness requirements. Their core services include, customised fitness programs designed to suit the personal needs of people of all ages, with their youngest members being aged three years old.

Since the family unit are the key building blocks of society, they strive to form dynamic and sustainable relationships with the parents and children who are part of the dojo family. Their continued focus is on strong collaboration and partnerships with members and families within their dojo community. They also strive to create an environment of respect for self and others, and warmly welcome all those wishing to join their community.                 By: Carl Webster

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