RK Safety

With an approach to looking at past industry mistakes, review lessons learnt and finding THE SAFE WAY FORWARD RK Safety is a proud ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company which is also 100% black owned Level 1 B-BBEE contributor that was established in 2012 primarily focusing on Occupational Health & Safety Compliance Training within the Petrochemical, Construction, Warehousing and engineering sector and later expanded into all sectors.

The company boasts a wealth of experience in terms of the civil petrochemical engineering and warehousing industry.

We specialize in providing a customized and tailor made labour service and Occupational Health and Safety Compliance training according to the special and unique needs of each organization.

RK Safety is focused on supplying Quality Accredited training and awareness programs to ensure compliance with regards to legislation as well as staffing solutions that will ensure a more efficient and productive operations.

Our commitment to this vision is seen in our relentless pursuit for safer work places and high efficiency values.

We are your partner in “The Safe Way Forward”

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