Miss January 2020, Sandra Boyce

Our Miss January 2020 is Sandra Boyce, a political science student and fashionista. This naiad goddess is accepting and introspective and also possesses great intuition. She is emotional, impressionable, very observant and enjoys spending time acknowledging the behavior of those around her. Sandra is generous and hates avariciousness, but above all she is most revolted by narrow minded individuals.

She is always in motion and ready to start  something new. A visionary dreamer, she has a deep insight into human nature. While being  generous and idealistic, she likes to contribute to the well being of those around her.

Her personality is defined by intuitiveness, selflessness and imagination. Sandra has  the innate ability to sense the emotions of those around her, and uses this emotional understanding to be a supportive and compassionate friend, while making sacrifices for their well-being. In all matters of life Sandra displays an active and creative imagination, which she uses to find the best in people and situations.

By: Lorraine Richards

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