The Formidable Dorothy Maharaj

These days it’s easy to spot an independent woman walking down the street. She holds her head a little higher, and she has a certain air about her when she walks.

                     Dorothy Maharaj, a beautiful woman with an analytical mind

It’s because she is making her own way in the world, and even if she is attached to a man, she’s not attached to his hip.

She knows how to get what she wants, and everyone around her admires her for that , including any man lucky enough to be in her life.

There are many examples of women in business success stories, but we did not have to dig deep to find this truly inspirational female business leader. She is none other than Dorothy Maharaj, wife of the late taxi/transport mogul, Frankie Maharaj.

For this extraordinary women grief had to take the back seat, as she had a business to run. This was nothing new to her as she had always been at the helm of the many businesses that she and her husband possessed. If you care to do a background check you will find that this amazing woman has been involved in the inception of most of the past and existing projects in the Austerville community.

“Starting any new business can be  exhilarating and scary at the same time. Suddenly, you are in charge of so many areas, are responsible for so many people and have multiple roles to fulfil. This made it challenging to balance work and personal life at times. However, because I am lucky to do what I am fiercely passionate about, I never felt there was a setback or challenge that couldn’t become a powerful asset to the business and myself”; she recalls.

Practical, modest, loving, intelligent, helpful, reliable and observant, she  brings stability and order, making the people around her feel comfortable in her company.
This lady can be described as charming, witty, realistic, dedicated, gentle and a perfectionist. 

                                     She walks with feet firmly on the ground

Her greatest assets are her intelligence, analytical mind and excellent memory. She is a logical thinker who takes every detail into account before arriving at a decision.

She is good at settling disputes and makes a good business partner, analyst, and strategist even in the tough male dominated taxi industry.
Confronted by the alpha-male, at  first, she may seem quiet an introvert, however,  this women seldom shies away from taking on challenges and proving her mettle with hard-work and determination, thus gaining a great deal of respect from her male counterparts.

She is also the chairperson of Durban South Women In Business(DSWIBA).These are women in the community who are blazing a trail in their business and are respected for accomplishments within their industries, giving back to the community, and are sought out as respected advisors and mentors within their field of influence.

                                        Seated left; with the women of DSWIBA

As secretary of the youth centre in Silvertree Road and executive member of the Women’s League in ward 68, her attention to detail and inability to ignore even the smallest fault have contributed a great deal to  her success.

A true  perfectionist,  she tends to worry about every task, detail and chore, especially if she is directly in charge. Sitting idle and watching people do their jobs may be like a punishment for this woman. She has to work!  

One can only try to match her high standards to impress this perfection-seeking  woman. She walks with feet firmly on the ground, observes the people around her and takes into account every single detail. Practical, modest, loving, intelligent and helpful, reliable and observant, one has to admit that Dorothy Maharaj is one phenomenally formidable woman.

By: Lorraine Richards

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