Dr Anthony Small From Humble Beginnings to Doctorate in Theology (Dth:2017)

The mild mannered Dr Anthony Small constantly strives to be on an even keel in all his endeavours. Always trying to be objective, he is a pacifist who dislikes any kind of conflict. This is not a weakness, but a predilection towards his stoic impartiality.

Anthony Small was born in the locality of Stellahill in 1962, where he lived until 1968. In 1969  the family relocated to Austerville, Wentworth.

He began his schooling career in 1969 at the then Merebank Primary School. This was also the year that his father put him out of the family home, lock stock and barrel. Fortunately, his paternal grandparents who lived a few houses away took him in.  He stayed there until he completed school at Wentworth High.

Masters(2014) with daughters; Joslyn and Janine

At the age of 23, he was on the run for fear of his life, and ended up living with his aunt in Effingham Rd, Redhill. This was when he began to fellowship with the Redhill  Assemblies of God congregation, where he accepted the Lord as his personal saviour.

This perfectly balanced individual graduated from the Unisa College Of Human Sciences as Doctor Of Theology (DTH), in 2017

Doctorate (2017) with Allan Holmes and Lorraine Richards

The modest Dr. Small had this to say; “To all  my friends and family, I am truly humbled to have many of you celebrate my dream, goals and achievements with me. My graduation is dedicated to all of you,especially those  from my hometown Wentworth,my place of growth and development of humble beginnings. Love you guys to the moon and back. ‘l am because of you’ I will always be indebted to those who on my journey,took turns to hold the ladder,while I  climbed to greater heights. Most of all; ‘All Glory’ goes to God who made it possible for my dream to become a reality. Great is Thy faithfulness!

Last but not least I want to thank God that He blessed me with wisdom more than material possessions, so He could have me walk in humility,every step of the way! Take Your glory Lord”



Written by Lorraine Quarrie-Richards. 

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