Miss Valentine 2020-Kelda Smerdon

Kelda Smerdon is the embodiment of Psyche, whose name means “soul,” she was the mortal bride of Cupid, the Roman God of love. She was granted divinity after attempting Goddess-like feats of devotion to reclaim her beloved after a nasty misunderstanding.  

They say that when goddess Kelda  aimed her arrow of love at Irwin Smerdon, three years ago, his soul was captured eternally.

From the celebration of Romeo and Juliet, to Chaucer’s love birds, to today’s deluge of cards and presents, Valentine’s Day has been an important date on our calendars for centuries. Whether you like it or not, it’s impossible to ignore the impact of Valentine’s and the potential it has for changing the nature of our relationships.

Valentine’s Day has traditionally been seen as more significant for women than for men, and a  recent study in the UK showed that women are around 10% more enthusiastic than men about the prospect of celebrating this romantic day.

However, whether a woman really wants the wine, chocolates and flowers or not, she’s not likely to turn down the chance to be lavished with attention by the person she loves.

By: Lorraine Richards

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