158 Austerville Drive-A Snake Haven

Depending on where you live, a retaining wall could be a good choice. If built right they will limit erosion and last a long time. But if you live in a suburban area, where snakes are still present, they love to use your rock wall as an apartment complex, since rocks are number one on their list of natural things to hide under or near.

At the residential complex of 158 Austerville Drive, these rock walls don’t only shelter the snakes, they also keep them fed well. Rodents and smaller reptiles, like lizards will also be lured in by the easy shelter rock walls, which is essentially food service for snakes also inhabiting the rock walls. Snakes are experts when it comes to finding a safe shelter, but when shelter and prey items meet up in the same place, it becomes a snake paradise. 

With the increasing warm conditions, lots of snakes have been popping up around 158 Austerville Drive, causing anxiety to the residents. Recently they have been experiencing close encounters with these reptiles and they are not happy about that.

Chantel Snyman and Marlene McClure stated; “if the area around the flats are made concrete, it will be long lasting, no grass cutting, snakes rats will diminish. Allowing the older generation and kids to at last enjoy our space outside.  Mrs Canham had a snake wrapped around her leg the other night. Freida Selby had two snakes at her doorway. Ernest killed a snake he found in his garden. We would like to beautify our area. It will make other people take pride in their area”

Remember, most snakes that you may encounter in residential areas are non-venomous and are simply trying to live in an environment that is all too often hostile to snakes. Threats to snakes in residential areas include cats and dogs, lawnmowers, people who misunderstand and fear snakes, as well as automobiles. If you encounter a snake in your yard it is best that you enjoy it from a distance and leave it be, to eat rodents, slugs,  insects and other pests in your yard. Despite myths, most snakes in Durban are not aggressive, and in fact many provide a valuable service by eating rodents that destroy property and potentially spread disease. Even though most snakes in residential areas are not a threat to people or pets, there are steps you can take to avoid encountering them.

If you encounter a snake, please don’t kill it, but call the following snake catcher; 

Dean Boshoff- 0836130827

By: Lorraine Richards

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