Local Pastor Launches His Book At Durban Book Fair

The way we grow as disciples, and lead others in spiritual growth depends on our contexts. Pastor Chris Visagie recognizes how deeply our faith is tied to our particular stories in our particular places. Grounded in his own deep faith and wisdom, he writes out of his experiences as a pastor who has planted a truth based church in Austerville.

In this book; The Colour of Deception,  which was launched on Sunday 1 March at the Durban Book Fair, he offers a framework to help both church leaders  and congregants alike to seriously recognise, certain sectors of Christendom for what it is. Modern-day wolves in sheep’s clothing blending in well with social circles, this is their primary skill. They have no qualms about lying, misrepresenting themselves and telling people in the circle what they want to hear in an effort to deceive and manipulate them for their own profit.  Combining spiritual formation with activism, vivid narrative with exhortation, and realism with hopefulness, Visagie offers pastors and the church a thoughtful look at discipleship in a complex world.

Chris Visagie is a man of great integrity, and prefers to tell the truth at all times, no matter how hard it  may sound. He is extremely independent, and can also be warm hearted when necessary. He is industrious and needs frequent change in order to progress. He  is a great organiser and is able to debate about a wide range of issues. To say that he avoids all situations where he has to wait for something to happen, is an understatement. He also feels best when   part of huge intellectual gatherings.

He is an  intelligent and reliable individual who also possesses quite a keen sense of understanding.  Never short of ideas, he is also critical when the situation requires a bit of analysis. He prefers to maintain his  attention only on things that truly interest him, and can be overly active at times while putting the greatest price on achieving his  goals. He is resourceful, especially in things personal.

  Kiru Naidoo (author of Made in Chatsworth), Chris Visagie and Elaine Visagie 

Visagie says; “The Colour of Deception deals with issues of deception and  false prophets that has plagued the church in the twenty-first century. It deals with the true portrait of Christian ministry in view of a biblical perspective as to what true ministry is. The purpose of this book is to curb false teaching that leads to false expectations from God, resulting in believers never coming to the knowledge of the Truth. Understanding that God will never commit to a lie, you become disadvantaged in that you spend your faith on vanity. The content of this book also acts as a guideline for believers not to be deceived by false prophets that come in sheep skin, looking to exploit the ignorance of people. This book has received an excellent review from Dr. Candace House (USA), the founder of The Purpose Centre, a world renown prophetic school in the USA, having it’s influence across international borders. She’s a highly honoured and respected Woman of God both in the USA and worldwide. She also teaches on the same subject and encourages every believer to get a copy of this book for their library”

Visagie’s book is  a good read, which is tailored for church leaders and people in positions to make change happen, yet  it is still a good read for anyone interested in growing a church that fully reflects God’s intended image.

By: Lorraine Richards

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