A High Tea For Broken Women

Audrey Anderson, founder of; Women Of Walls, a prayer group for broken women, including men, held a high tea where women from far and wide were invited to converse about the different issues that they face as modern day God fearing women.The theme was; “LOVING ME”.

Audrey Anderson and Ayanda Njapha

This  is in recognition of a  broken woman who has deposited more in others than herself. She has depleted her heart, mind and spirit.
She is one who has given in and given up. There are a variety of reasons that brought her to this dark place of being distant, withdrawn, angry, sad, sometimes even bitter. When you look in her eyes all she can do is hang her head down low. To the average eye she is playing the victim role, she is weak and that is her fault. In this world people do not seem to care about the  broken woman’s story.

Some of the motivational speakers in attendance were; Pastor Sharon Naidoo from Cornerstone Church, Ayanda Njapha of Snothando ,Pastor Joy Williams from Austerville and Patricia Dove, the founder of WOW, who tearfully explained the plight of the women with whom she deals with.

Pastor Joy Williams and Lynette De Bruin

BAFDT was incepted ten years ago by Audrey who in her own tragedy, felt the need to help those in a similar situation
The acronym; BAFDT is actually the first letters of the names of the loved ones she has lost along the way

The venue for the meetings was kindly provided by Patricia Dove. Prayer meetings are  held at WOW every Friday,and every second Tuesday of the month.

A tearful Patricia Dove

Audrey said; “Today, I ask each woman who has ever felt depleted, or  have given their entire life, that they should begin to deposit more into themselves. Stop having a negative balance on your happiness, peace and most of all- joy. We all know someone who has given so much of herself as a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend. I speak from experience when I say when you are crying more than you laugh it is time to love yourself. A broken woman will not actually come out and say it. She is too busy rescuing others to see that she is the one in need of saving. She wants the help but her time is divided between taking care of the children, dealing with the troubled teen, the sick child, being pulled a thousand ways, yet  she is falling apart. When she finally breaks she is all about the drama when in reality she is crying for help for the most valuable person- herself.”

In conclusion; it must be realised that a broken woman, no matter how the story is written, is crying out for one thing, HELP. She needs to deposit into her life the same energy she has given. Audrey Anderson is indeed a tower of strength to these broken women.

By: Lorraine Richards

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