Prayer Against The Coronavirus

On the 10th March, Jesus Christ Ministries International hosted a day of prayer against the coronavirus. Many of us are aware of the number infected by the coronavirus has increased to 13 in our country. However, many people remain fearful and some are still in a panic, Pastor Allistair Barclay decided to gather the community together in order to pray for our country and all those who are affected. This included calling to reminisce those who lost their lives and he further stated that our trust and focus is on Jesus and not the virus. 

Pastor Allistair Barclay got in touch with Sister Renette Roskruge from Gateway Clinic & Thabitha Community Care, who came out and educated the community on the Coronavirus and prevention measures. There were many questions asked and sister Roskruge had the knowledge to respond. Sister Roskruge encouraged the community if they are sick to visit the doctor or gateway clinic immediately and that they must practice good hygiene. Pastor Allistair advised the community that if they are ignorant about the virus there is no need listening to Aunty Sue down the road, but go to professionals who can give them correct information. It is within his observation that there are a lot of false information in regards to the virus. Overall, the event was a success, although the attendance was not up to scratch.

By: Pastor Allistair Barclay

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