Sponsorship-World Martial Arts Championships 2020: Devante Nero

Good day everyone in the midst of the violence and negativity in the South Durban Basin township of Wentworth, a glimmer of light shines yet again with the talent of the youth in the area.

There is a new karate kid on the block and his name is Devante Nero. This young man stands head and shoulders among his peers with a talent demonstrated on a provincial and even on a country level. He has a host of achievements under his belt and has participated in a number of tournaments that has resulted in him been selected to represent our country at an International Tournament in Douglas in the Isle of Mann, United Kingdom from 6-8 October 2020.

The sport has been his inspiration to do better and the motivation to remain a disciplined and focused young man. Devante is among many children in the area who has grown up in a single parent household. His mother Tasmyn Nero encourages his love for the sport and his interest in competing. This young man was brought by three generations of strong woman and lives in the house with his mother, grandmother and great grandmother who is in eighties.

  • Devante’s talent can surely take him far, with the support of our generous community, who have rallied in support of many other youngsters. This karate kid is going to need R40 000 to realise his dream of taking his talent to an international level. Let us take this opportunity to make a difference in the life of our youth who are our future leaders. It takes a community to raise a child, so be the change you would like to see in our young people of the area, and support by contributing any donations, including ideas to raise funds, which will be of appreciation to make his dream become a reality.

Contact Tasmyn via Whatsapp:  084 494 4615                          Cell: 071 383 3784

                                                          Devante Nero

                                        Mr Carl Webster & Devante Nero

                                                             Devante Nero

                                                              Devante Nero

                                                         Devante Nero

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