Mehreen Cassimjee: A Positive Light In Our Dark

Mehreen Mia Cassimjee, CEO and founder of The M. E. A Company, and director of Helping Hands:Building Communities, has reached out to any and all needing advice, guidance, awareness campaigns and more, to help educate and assist in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mehreen Cassimjee

Mehreen Mia Cassimjee, CEO and founder of The M. E. A Company, and director of Helping Hands:Building Communities, has reached out to any and all needing advice, guidance, awareness campaigns and more, to help educate and assist in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 
“Whilst facing the strain and concern of the unknown at this time, we would all have noticed that we have gone off track on our normal daily routines, off track on our norms and core focus. But it’s my firm belief that in such extra-ordinary times of trials is when we get the opportunities to shine our brightest.” She goes on to say that “In the last few weeks and now days it has become increasingly more difficult to escape the talk of the virus, money and work. The Coronavirus has begun to affect families around the world and right here in our country, our City. The first thing that comes to my mind is “I don’t wanna deal with this” or “This is the last thing we need” or “I’ve worked too hard to go backwards now”. We may be simply scared or angry….all of these reactions/thoughts are perfectly warranted. But, I am a firm believer of being “positive”, and when I recently started to get “scared/upset” I was reminded of the power of simply remaining “positive” during trying times.I know it’s easy to say and I know when health is involved these things are easier said than done, but then I began to think I can’t control this virus or it’s effects, BUT, I can definitely control how I choose to live and being positive is just better and can help me… And that’s why I share this with you now. 

This is one of my favorite quotes, and is something to remember, especially on those days when you are less than positive… “What you are determines the world in which you live, so as you change, your world changes also.” I use this all the time as a philosophy and we all know there will be days we will need to, now as well. 

In an article recently seen, we got told that thinking positively can have actual health benefits. It was cited that having a positive attitude can help with several areas of our physical health including heart, longevity and immune system functions. You can experience what they referred to as “a sense of awe” from being positive. Find what makes you feel good within… Writing, drawing, baking, gardening, sewing, reading… What are some of the experiences in life that make us feel most joyful and alive, especially when home. Research has shown that experiences of art, religion and philosophy are the most common experiences that evoke a sense of power from within — “that sense of wonder and connection to something larger than ourselves.” Go on… Find your sense of power from within too..

When I was asked abt an opinion and my feelings about COVID-19, I thought to myself “how do we stay positive in a very negative atmosphere?” Here are just a few ideas:

-Write in a gratitude journal every day-Embrace your blessings granted unto you-Find sacredness in your moments and seconds with yourself and your loved ones-Create a treasure chest of works during your home time -Share positivity by sending one thank-you email or doing one kind act every day-Challenge your negative thinking-Smile-Follow your passion.

Can “positivity” be contagious? I know that seems cliche’, considering we are talking about contagious Coronavirus, but it’s true….being positive during this crisis can spread and help others during this difficult time. So maybe the next time you think “what can I do”, Maybe the easy first answer is….. stay positive!!Let us all keep washing our hands with soap and water, avoid touching our faces, if possible wear gloves, pay close attention to our personal hygiene, maintain social distances at all times, self-isolate if we have flu like symptoms, avoid going out of our homes unnecessarily… Remember, as Mother Nature is healing herself , it’s our time for greater healing within, an introspection of the true changes needed for a life and future of positive!

Mehreen Mia Cassimjee has acadamia in various fields including financial forensics and psychology. She has been certified an international motivational speaker, empowerment specialist as well as a life coach for adults, youth and children.

As CEO and Founder of The M.E.A Company, an empowering social and community motivational, and advancement of self growth organisation specialising in empowerment for all at all levels, she tries her best to ensure all whom she aids reach success within themselves. She is also a director of Helping Hands: Building Communities…a social-welfafare and community developing organisation.

Mehreen is also an active community asistant and activist offering therapy, counselling and advice to anyone needing it. She has spearheaded various programs, women empowerment workshops and programs, skills development and youth awareness projects.

She appeals to all: “please stay home, stay blessed, stay safe… Do your bit to flatten the curve… May seem ironical to say, but let us all isolate in order to co-operate and save lives”.

Mehreen Mia Cassimjee- Motivational Speaker

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