Miss April 2020-Alex Roberts

Our Miss April is gymnast Alex Roberts who is the embodiment of Heracles and Hermes, the tutelary gods of gymnastics, who attained in Athens, their highest and most varied development. The object of the art was to develop the body harmoniously in health, activity, and beauty.

Analytical and correct, she is also  sociable , energetic and extremely respectful. She is witty and enjoys  tasks that require both focus and art related activities. She loves to spend her  time engaged in mind challenging activities.

She is  reliable and stable and expects the same  from others in return. Realistic and cautious, she can also launch  herself in courageous endeavors, but only when she has checked all facts at least once. She is progressive but orderly and won’t let her  train of thought be disrupted in any way.

By: Lorraine Richards

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