Lockdown Enforcement In Austerville

Civilians are called upon to adhere to lockdown regulations. They  are also  required to remain in the confines of their own homes during this period and by not doing so, they will themselves be breaking the law.

Essential service workers are risking their lives to ensure all people in South Africa continue to receive essential services as well as to ensure that the COVID-19 is contained.

Police are not only involved with enforcement of the Disaster Management Regulations but continue to perform their Constitutional obligations to ensure that all South Africans are  safe. 

However, whether through cabin fever, not understanding the gravity of covid-19, or just sheer ignorance or blatant disregard there are certain individuals  who have chosen to violate this disaster management programme.

On Easter Sundays Night The Wentworth  charge office was abuzz  with individuals who were arrested for contravention of the above act. Offenders were only released after paying a bail of R1500.00, as a promise to appear in court for trial.

Citizens are urged to stay at home and only go out when it is absolutely necessary, such as getting essential supplies, seeking medical assistance and collecting social grants.

Remember, remaining in the confines of your own home, is better than being confined in  a jail cell.

By: Lorraine Richards

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