Miss May 2020, Kirsten Van Zyl

Our Miss May is Kirsten Van Zyl, who is the embodiment of  Greek Goddess, Teles, who  was known as the Goddess of Perfection. It must be said however that in Greek mythology most of the Gods and Goddesses were seriously flawed. In fact most mythologies highlight the truth that nothing is perfect, be it Divine or human. We’re all perfect imperfections.

Kirsten always has a systematic approach to life, while always appearing to be calm and collected.  Under this facade she has  a great intensity that demands that she bring order to her  world. She is able to deftly rearrange her frantic interior beneath the calm exterior, until everything is perfect. She is highly patient with others and always tries to find the good in everyone. 

She has an analytical mind that can see things in black and white, while being capable of finding solutions to tough problems. It  is her keen attention to detail which allows this. 

For Kirsten honesty is the best policy, even if the truth hurts. She is most likely to follow the instructions to the book, which makes her  the best team player.

She is exceptionally reliable and always keeps up with commitments. 

That said, her  perfection works well with her analytical thinking and practicality. 

By: Lorraine Richards

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