Engen Community Stakeholders Forum Collaborates With The Gift Of The Givers To Distribute Food Parcels In Wentworth And Surrounding Areas

Members of the Engen Community Stakeholders Forum

Local  charities and donors are providing a beacon of hope for Ward 68 and surrounding areas. On Thursday 14 May, at the Blue Roof, Engen, together with the Community Stakeholders Forum, in collaboration with The Gift Of The Givers, rolled out a massive food parcel drive. The aim was to deliver 1000 food parcels to families who desperately need help sustaining themselves during the national lockdown. Skills development Entrepreneur and community activist, Esmeen Usher was coordinator of this event.

The message from these compassionate and dedicated partners working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic is loud and clear:  family food supplies are dwindling fast.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought hunger to millions of people around the world, especially in indigent communities like Wentworth and other surrounding areas.  Lockdown is forcing people to  stay at home, hurting the poor’s ability to earn an income, disrupting  the economy and leaving many worrying about how they will feed their families, as hunger seems to pose a greater threat than the pandemic itself.

Thandeka Cele, Engens Public Affairs Manager, said; “The culmination of Engen and our stakeholders, engaged in working with the community to address the problems of covid-19 by ensuring that the jobless and the poor receive sustenance is heartwarming.

Tom Butterworth, CEO of the Blue Roof, expressed; “The articulation  of unity displayed by Engen Community Stakeholders Forum has secured this wonderful support for the community during lockdown.

Esmeen Usher and Thandeka Cele

Esmeen Usher stated that; food insecurity is a reality for many South African households, with  a huge percentage of households living under the poverty line and not being able to afford basic healthy meals. Low-income households typically spend about a third of total expenditure on food. This is why food parcels provisions are  essential.

By: Lorraine Richards

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