Miss June 2020-Miss Adele Marnitz

Our Miss June 2020 is the ageless  philanthropist and socialite, Adele Marnitz, who is the personification of the volcano goddess, Pele  who embodies different expressions and usage of the element of fire. The element of fire can be both very destructive and cleansing and this fiery goddess brings  forth from deep within the womb of the earth, her aesthetic lava of creativity.

She is a woman who is full of vitality and has that inner spark needed to live life to the fullest. She has contagious energy, is highly enthusiastic and tackles everything with dedication and commitment.  Fierce, passionate, determined, direct and honest, she always arrives at her point rapidly.

Many areas of the Globe that experience volcanic activity include Volcano Goddesses and folk tales in their mythology. Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess is perhaps the most famous of the fiery Volcano sprites. The people, who live in the shadows of these volcanoes, still make offerings to appease this Goddess and prevent her from destroying their land and crops.

Adele is noted for her  creativity, vigor and ambition. Amongst her greatest strengths is her vivid imagination, which she uses in all aspects of life. Socially, her creative flair gives her a great sense of humour and subsequently has earned her many friends. She uses her creativity to find solutions to  problems. When paired with her ambition, this quality makes her destined for success, which is appropriate because she sets very high goals for herself.

By: Lorraine Richards

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