Food Hamper Recipients Volunteer To Clean Up Their Environment.

Food and nutrition affect the long-term well-being of our communities and our children. Although being a basic human right, many  are forced to skip meals or eat the same meal everyday.

Tracey  Leigh Williams of Wentworth Angels has used the strategy of getting recipients of food aid to work in their communities. A few members of the community are open to the idea that they may need to do a bit of work in exchange for a benefit from a food aid hamper, and they welcome this.

According to Tracey and her secretary, Candice George, this initiative was aimed at making the streets of  Wentworth garbage free, while educating community members about the effects of illegal dumping and littering to the environment.

“As people of faith, we have a responsibility to stand up for those who are alone and impoverished. And as a society, we shouldn’t be punishing people for not having money, especially when so many of them are trying so hard just to make it from one day to the next.  Human beings don’t only deserve to eat because they are workers. They deserve to eat because they are human”; Tracey iterated

Being involved in cleaning up their environment is such a boost to the wellbeing of these individuals, that they have volunteered to continue contributing to this good course.

The following people were volunteers in the cleanup in Tifflin Road on Friday June 26;

Basil Johnson, Ivan De bruin, Shaun Mentor and Linda Strachan.

Ivan De Bruin said; “God bless Tracey and Wentworth Angels. They are really angels. May they be blessed to continue with the good work that they are doing”

Wentworth Angels continue to protect the indigent and our lower-income brothers and sisters in need of assistance. Instead of building walls to keep them out, they have invited them to the table to join hands in breaking bread together.

By: Lorraine Richards

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