Woman Of The Year-Norma Mclou

Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women, who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their communities.

It is a time to celebrate women for their strength, resilience and contribution to society and to the country.

This Women’s Month we celebrate founder and chairperson of Malibongwe, Norma Mclou as Kairos News’ Women Of The Year. She is indeed a woman who each day continues to make a difference in her community. Her contribution to a better society is part of the new legacy that South Africans have been  building since 1994.

This  lady is inventive, active and constantly thinking of new ideas on how to make the world better or to help others.To date, she has fostered over 40 children. She has shown a sincere and deep commitment to the children placed in her care and is well loved and respected by these children.

She is  the type who can shake things up and inspires others to make the changes they need in their life for the greater good of all.

Weird and unconventional,  she is  never boring and knows how to crack a joke. Her stories will always  be interesting because she  has had many experiences, and loves to share with others.

Eccentric and having thoughts others wouldn’t  even dare to imagine, she is philosophical and can adopt the “outside the box” type of thinking. She is able to solve complex problems with simple, yet surprising solutions.

You will never see her idle because she dislikes boredom. Individualistic and creative, she is also famous for being kind and caring, which means that she can lead any group of people.

While she loves to listen to other people’s opinions, she is  unlikely to change her mind about her own views. She sticks tenaciously to her beliefs no matter what.

“Let us salute the spirit of women. We possess the ability to cross boundaries, while embracing the freedom and power to be aware of our changing world.  To know who we are and being true to ourselves is liberating. I, for one, constantly see the world through the people who populate my stories and my life. Their perspectives lead from unexpected insights into mine”; she expresses.

By: Lorraine Richards

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