Miss October 2020-Sharon Gordon

Our Miss October 2020 is professional nurse Sharon Gordon. She  is the embodiment of the goddess Maat who is seen as a beautiful woman wearing a long white gown. On her head, she wears a golden crown topped with a pure white feather. She is as eternally wise as she is a loving, and  a very powerful guide to have on your side.

Her message is one of hope. She assures you that no matter how challenging the situations may be in your life; no matter how difficult the relationships, she is here to help you regain your balance and find your center. She will help you to find the right words, and the right action to alleviate your stress. She  will replace your fear and worry with the inner knowledge that you are in a state of divine grace.

Sharon is very gentle and caring with those around her and tries to motivate them to achieve their best.  Charming and composed, she enjoys situations where she has the chance to guide and offer moral support. She is extremely considerate and loving, and when she is not out there trying to save the world, she turns into a very introspective being and enjoys meditation and relaxation techniques.

She is an individual who craves for peace and balance, and her aim is to save the world one day at a time.

By: Lorraine Richards

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