Christopher Pretorius-The Best Man For The Job

Christopher Pretorius has been appointed financial advisor by United Construction Iron Dogs Workforce, a non-profit company. He will help create strategies for eliminating financial risk and building capital over the long-term while producing a game plan that puts the organization on track to achieve their financial goals. He has a sterling work-history in the financial field, including; financial planner at Standard Bank, and credit Manager at Absa. He is currently the Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council of the  St. Louis Catholic Church in Clairwood.

Pretorius is a quiet, soft-spoken introvert who would rather listen and give advice than command the center of attention and take over discussions. He is flexible and open to new ideas and projects. While being open to the rest of the team offering suggestions, he will carefully listen and show receptivity to all opinions. This makes those who work with him feel valued, motivated to work harder and be more dynamic and proactive.

As a financial advisor, he is also an educator. Part of his task is to elucidate what is involved in meeting future fiscal goals. This education process will also include detailed help with financial topics, including budgeting and saving. 

He is analytical, and naturally driven to resolve issues, and find the best solution to every problem that the organization will be confronting. He has an eye for detail, and always does things right in the most economical way. 

Scrupulously honest, with a head for numbers, and critical nature, he will help them know exactly where they stand financially,  and provide sound fiscal planning.

It is clear that Pretorius is the right man for the job and will deliver exceptional results. He will be a great addition to the team, as he possesses a combination of skills and experience that make him the best man for the job. 

By: Lorraine Richards

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