Market Day At The Blue Roof

On Saturday 9 October, Tropical temperatures did not deter Wentworth community members from flocking to the launch of Market Day at the new Blue Roof Life Space, which was a sizzling success, with attractions for all ages.

The upbeat sound of DJ Marlon and the dance moves of City Celebration encouraged slackers to the event.

Since the outset of Covid-19, there are a number of individuals who are searching for that silver lining.

The vendors displayed a combination of foresight, creativity, and business acumen, which was displayed by a number of people in the community, who are coming up with home-grown solutions to the contemporary challenges we face.

Some have started small business ventures because of personal circumstances, like losing their jobs. Others who were previously unemployed have seized the opportunity provided by the pandemic to create their own income.

DJ Marlon said; “Blended SA is a young group of music lovers who have all found each other through one common love, the love of music. We are a group of DJs who currently run online music streaming show Live on Facebook in our series called ‘The Kitchen’ every Wednesday and Friday from 6 pm which caters to all ages and race groups. We offer different services such as Mobile DJ services, Parties, Sound hire, Outdoor events, Club”

Nkosinathi Khumalo, choreographer of dance group City Celebration says; “City Celebration uses dance and creative arts to impact, motivate, educate and empower young lives, one dance at a time through various successfully innovative community projects around Durban. Our projects build character, wrestle with issues of self-worth and identity, restore hope, destiny, and dignity to see individuals impacting the economy and community in positive ways. We focus our attention on Personal Development, Leadership, Family, Employability, and Active Citizenship through Social Cohesion and Expansion programs.  Through music and motion, we are able to unpack, explore, and facilitate individual and social change through transforming art”.

Staff and volunteers at the Blue Roof life space displayed great customer service. They were willing to go the extra mile for each and every one of their customers.

As Benjamin Franklin would put it: “Well done is better than well said.”

That said, we tend to focus so much on the ‘daily hustle’ and on our struggles to keep our sanity in a tough economic climate, that we actually forget to celebrate the successes that we – or our teammates – have accomplished at work or in personal lives. However, celebrating the small wins is actually a very powerful motivating factor, and sharing our stories of overcoming and achievement really inspires those around us to climb their own mountains and reach their own goals.

By: Lorraine Richards 

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