Miss December 2020, Carol Fynn

Our Miss December 2020 is math educator Carol Fynn who is the embodiment of Nyx,  the ancient Greek goddess of the night. She was the most ancient of Titans, birthed from the original primordial chaos, and preceded many of the Greek gods we know. She was worshipped long before Zeus or Aphrodite, long before Apollo and Artemis.

In fact, before the stories of Apollo and Artemis, there was a different myth about the nature of day and night and how they interacted. It was said that Nyx passed her daughter Hemera (who ruled the day) twice a day at twilight and dawn. They only waved at each other from their chariots as they passed through the gates of Tartarus as one was leaving and the other was returning home.

Carol is poised, but also enduring and eager when she is  genuinely interested in achieving something. She is attracted towards philosophical ideas and journeys. While being unhesitating and avant-garde, there is also something elegant in the way that this sophisticated lady  behaves. In order for her to take things in a malleable manner, she needs to stay away from commonness and negative advice.

Friendly and fearless, she has  a justitiary approach and a great sense of morality. She is  usually generous, thoughtful and dependable with the majority of people she knows, unless someone disappoints her. That’s when she turns the cold shoulder and moves on. She is also humorous and enthusiastic, and never seems to get any rest,while being the spirit of every social gathering.

By: Lorraine Richards

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