Miss January 2021-Nadia Sheneez August

Our Miss January 2021 is the provocative Nadia Sheneez August, who is the embodiment of the Egyptian goddess-Sekhmet. She was an extremely important sun deity in ancient Egypt. In many cases, Sekhmet was considered the divine manifestation of Ra’s power. She was also Ra’s tool of vengeance. She possessed a warrior-like spirit that frightened the Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians believed that she had dominion over plagues and natural disasters. It is, for this reason, she was called “The Bringer of Plagues”. The myths go on to state that whenever she exhaled, fire came out. Her breath was like the hot winds that blew from the desert.

Sekhmet was venerated for her healing and protective prowess. She is believed to possess the antidote to every illness and plague. Many believed that she had the power to solve every problem that befalls humankind.

Nadia is conversational and eloquent but motivated so she follows her interest and avoids wasting time. She prefers to work with facts, and things are either white or black, never grey for her unless of course, the grey is in her favor. She is, however, sincere and tries to enforce correctitude and confidence in her circle of mates and family. She is often the one who motivates others.

By: Lorraine  Richards

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