Gratitude-The Power To Heal

As the world continues to battle against Covid-19 and contain its spread, there are two stories playing out before our eyes. On one hand, we can choose to see negativity – a strained healthcare system, an uncertain economic outlook, and anxiety over when our lives will return to normal, if ever. It’s easy to dwell in this negativity, which is  all around us.

But there’s another more important story that will bring the world together and carry us through this crisis – and that is gratitude. We’re seeing an outpouring of appreciation and goodwill for healthcare heroes on the front lines against Covid-19. For putting the health of others above all else. For providing care and compassion in these unprecedented times. For being a light in the face of uncertainty.

In the face of brokenness, gratitude has the power to heal.

Rejoice Mseleleku, staff member of Wentworth Hospital

Bernie Marnce expresses ; “I have been a patient at Wentworth hospital at mopd acute chronic department for a number of years. There have been on many occasions where there is  total pandemonium there at the filing and clerk section, with missing files creating chaos among the irritable patients that are not only ill but have missed their position in the long queues. In spite of the patients bickering and frustration, I observed that the staff in the abovementioned  department were extremely understanding and would often go an extra mile to ensure that the patients are taken care of and referred to their respective places to keep a calm and efficient system going, making sure that the most critical; the aged and babies get treated in accordance and swiftly. I personally have experienced one of those chaotic days where I had felt so desperate for help and I approached a loving and caring nurse who later,  after enquiring of her name found out that her name is Rejoice. She is an asset to that department. The simple act of kindness just by greeting the patients and a smile projects the sense of worthiness to the lesser fortunate and ill patients. I really do appreciate the staff at the abovementioned department and wish to take the opportunity to give back to them my humble and simple token of appreciation just by acknowledging their selfless time and effort to care for the community most especially now during this time of  the pandemic.  I’m sure there are many other patients like me but also don’t have the means to get the message across of how appreciative we are to our front line staff.”

Bernadette Marnce grateful patient of Wentworth Hospital

Give thanks for the doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical and hospital staff during this pandemic.  Remember that non-stop duty keeps healthcare heroes away from their own families. Remember that as Covid infections are spiking again. Where would we be without them?

By placing an emphasis on safety as a value, we can encourage second-nature safe behaviour – not simply to comply with regulations, but to support the moral obligation of keeping everyone in their community out of danger.

By: Lorraine Richards

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