Engen Turns Down Proposed Meeting concerning hair raising concerns of ongoing unresolved issues affecting the Wentworth Community

Towards  A United Front

Greetings Community of South Durban Basin.

As with our last information sharing message we committed to keeping our community informed.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs, Fishery, and forestry visited the Refinery on Friday 5th February 2021.

Engen refused to let representatives of Block 10 into the meeting. They cited National Key Point Rules as their reason amongst other things.

According to Engen, they could not share the meeting virtually zoom, Microsoft teams, or any of the platforms as according to them Engen they do not have the facilities nor the equipment to do so.

The refinery remains closed until further notice.

There was a follow-up meeting with the same portfolio committee at Fairvale Secondary representatives of Block 10 were present and shared their views.

Engen refuses to attend this meeting because according to them they feared for their safety. They are afraid of the community. This was the exact message shared at the meeting.

Members of the community and representatives were able to share their issues of infrastructure damage to homes health issues, doctors bills not been paid amongst other things.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee promised to continue to engage on this matter with the view of holding Engen accountable where necessary.

In light of the fact that Engen refused to participate, we were unable to raise the issue of the 2021 Shutdown, Fire Repair of any.
We will share this information as soon as it becomes available. At the moment there are many unconfirmed issues.

As was shared previously? there is a facilitator appointed for this matter locally and we will keep you apprised of the events as they unfold.

We ask that where and when you able to actively engage? participate or support

Yours in the unification

South Durban Basin Community Development Trust

Any clarifications questions updates contact

Brandon Manique 073486-9970

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