Miss March 2021, Daylin Carey Fynn

Our Miss March 2021 is teaching assistant, Daylin Carey Fynn. This captivating young lady is the embodiment of Theia, who was the Titan goddess of shining and light, associated with all that glimmers. She endowed gold, silver, other metals, and gems with their radiance and intrinsic value. In fact, Pindar’s odes described Theia as the goddess after whom people beheld gold as the most valuable shining object.

Like her sisters Phoebe and Themis, Theia was also an oracular goddess associated with prophecies. She was the prophetic deity of a shrine in Thessaly. Additionally, Theia was closely tied to sight because the ancient Greeks believed her eyes emitted beams of light that helped them to see with their own mortal eyes. Because of her connection to light, she is often depicted as a beautiful woman with long hair and light surrounding her (or lightly held within her hands).

Daylin can be defined as conscientious, curious, and adventurous while being extremely captivating, malleable, and funny. She enjoys learning new things and having contact with the outside world at all times. She dislikes feeling lonely and avoids any kind of ordinary. The best setting for this young lady relates to all settings where she can state her beliefs, and she does have beliefs about everything.

At the most, Daylin is characterized by eloquence, courage, and artistic brilliance of mind. She is lively and positive and tends to be very charitable with the people she likes.  She is also constantly in a never-ending search for new experiences as her agitated imagination never wants to take a break.

By: Lorraine Richards

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