Kairos News/Community Tribute To Moira Larsen

“A heart may stop beating, but a life that leaves an imprint on others lives forever”

Moira Larsen passed away on 25 March 2021 and is survived by her three children Clinton, Carli, and Lee-ann.

Moira was the vehicle chosen to deliver one of the best sports icons Wentworth will forever be proud of Clinton Larsen. Kairos News editor and journalist Lorraine Richards had the opportunity to interview Moira Larsen and had the family story published on 30 December 2020.

Moira was not only a sports fanatic but enjoyed the privileges and honor of being active and contributing to hockey as her sport. Her contributions involved coaching several clubs such as Evergreens Hockey Club,  Chelsea Hockey Club in 1989, and later; Manning Rangers Hockey Club.

Being a sportswoman Moira was definitely an inspiration to her children empowering, impacting, and encouraging them with the skills and talents in the world of sport. Moira has always been part of the soil of Wentworth, even during the dark years of apartheid. However, the years of apartheid did not discourage her from the passion and desire of fulfilling her dreams as a sportswoman and icon to many.

It is with heartfelt grief and condolences that Kairos News together with the community would like to commemorate and commiserate the passing away of a mother, relative, and friend in the community of such stature. To the immediate family Kairos News together with the community would like to say that the nuclear family loss becomes a community loss, and when part of the nuclear family dies so does part of the community. Kairos News together with the community encourages the immediate family to take courage, be strong and always remember that Moira will be sorely missed, but what she has left behind is a legacy for the nuclear family and the community to follow in her footsteps.

Bon Voyage: “Life is uncertain, but death is a certainty” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

By: Dr Anthony Small (operations manager)

       Lorraine Richards (editor & journalist)

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