Anarchy, Arson And Looting Driven By Intelligence Forces

Anarchy, Arson And Looting Driven By Intelligence  Forces 

KwaZulu-Natal residents woke Friday to smoke-filled skies and the sounds of sirens. Looting overnight delved deeper into the neighborhood all around the city of  Durban with fires gutting businesses before firefighters could quench them. 

This anarchy has caused significant economic damage and cost and the ongoing looting and destruction of property continue to cause severe losses to the economy. The resultant loss of jobs, because of businesses losing confidence to continue operating, will compound an already high unemployment rate.

The message from the government has been that intelligence forces on the ground, within the mobs, are driving the riots and looting.

As protests continue to sweep the nation, a narrative has emerged blaming alleged “anarchists” for stirring the pot. They are, the story goes, sowing chaos, putting marginalized people at risk, and generally making more non-violent protesters look bad.

Reverend Frank Chikane believes that well-organized groups of agitators have infiltrated protests, inciting vandalism and arson.

Communicating through encrypted apps, these small groups are scouting ahead, directing protesters to unprotected malls to loot, while setting ablaze, and vandalizing select warehouses.

Deputy State Security Minister, Zizi Kodwa, says the current riots and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng are well orchestrated and aimed at causing economic sabotage to destabilize the country.

Even this narrative has worn out, an analyst said, as footage of the looting shows that mobs are no longer only made up of the impoverished, but include middle-class South Africans who are grabbing luxury goods.

Lorraine  Richards

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