Sasol Donates Sanitiser To Wentworth Schools

On Tuesday 29 June, Energy and chemical company Sasol, in collaboration with South Durban Basin Community Development Trust, donated 10×25 liters of hand sanitizer to each of nine schools in Wentworth. This donation is aimed at providing support in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, and the recognition of the impact that COVID-19 has had on business, employees, and the community at large. 

Sasol ‘s donation of hand sanitizer will be distributed to Wentworth Schools with the help of South Durban Basin Community Development Trust, which welcomes and support such initiatives from the private sector in the fight against colliding epidemics.

“We are ready for further cooperation in the field of health. We share Sasol’s vision for change”; stated  Brandon  Manique of South Durban Basin Community Development Trust.

Sasol is also a supporter of the Wentworth HIV program and helped repair damages to Wentworth High School after it was storm-damaged.  Further to the donation, Sasol has also provided support to fenceline communities in the KwaZulu-Natal through a number of initiatives, which include bursaries, the cleaning of Amanzimtoti beach, the provision of a mobile science lab for schools, entrepreneurship training, and start-up support for unemployed youth in the area. 

The role of Sasol in society is a catalyst for change and they would like to continue contributing to making this change. Sasol’s approach to value creation and investing in communities is guided by their sustainability statement, namely;  Advancing chemical and energy solutions that contribute to a thriving planet, society, and enterprise, and is aligned with global priorities as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) while responding to local realities with targeted investments in fence-line communities.

Giving back to local communities is always the kind of thing a self-respecting, smartly-run concern wants to make sure to set aside time and effort for. Needless to say, COVID-19 has upped the urgency of the South Durban Basin Community Development Trust to extend a helping hand to the communities around them. Those communities are the lifeblood of the surrounding businesses, and SDBCT has had programs in place that are designed to recognize and offer relief to the issues most affecting these communities – especially in times of strife.

The South Durban Basin Community Trust has as its objective the upliftment of the human family in marginalized communities primarily but not limited to the South Durban Basin.

The Trust has as its Pillars(Tenets):-

Employment, Corporate Social Investment, Enterprise Development, Skills Development, and Social Facilitation.

The Trust also acts as a conduit between the broader community and industry where that need arises, where community participation and inclusion are required.

The South  Durban Community Development Trust received letters of gratitude for introducing  Sasol to both the Community and the schools. This can be seen  in the  following  correspondence;

“Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! I extend a huge Thank You to you for the generous donation of 10 x 25 liters of sanitizer to our school. This will go a long way in ensuring that we are safe from this deadly virus. Thank you once again. May God bless you.”; was the response from the acting principal of Collingwood  Primary  School, Mrs.Greeves.

“On behalf of Blue Roof Life Space, and Zoe-Life Innovative Solutions, our managing organization, I would like to thank you and the management of your organization for introducing Life Space with Sasol. We appreciate your commitment to the community and to see the sustainability of the community work benefitting all in the South Durban Basin.” expressed  Tom Butterworth of the  Blue Roof Life Space. 

The principal of Wentworth Senior Secondary  School expressed; “Thank you for the major role you have played in negotiating with  Sasol for Wentworth Senior Secondary school. In a year  of  doom and  gloom, you the SDBCDT,  changed  the  story, and you  have  touched  lives, giving  us hope  and  a positive  outlook for the future”

Brandon Manique of SDBCT stated; We are so proud of what we have been able to do in collaboration with our Sasol energy team, and all our teams to be able to deliver solutions that impact and protect our schools and community. 

We are united in the mission to keep communities safe from infection”

Lorraine Richards

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